coffee & Kitchen Cleaning Pack

$123.60 $109.00 inc. GST

1 x Espresso Machine Cleaner 425g

1 x Coffee Machine Descaler 425mL

1 x Milk Frother + Sanitiser 425mL

1 x All Purpose Cleaner 750mL

1 x Glass + Window Cleaner 750mL

1 x Fridge Cleaner + Deodoriser 750mL

1 x Easy Off Oven + BBQ Cleaner 750mL

1 x Stainless Steel Polish 250mL

Product Description

Coffee & Kitchen Cleaning Package

Our AKTIVO Coffee and Kitchen Cleaning Package has all of the essential products to keep your coffee machine and kitchen surfaces clean and odour free. Our AKTIVO Coffee Cleaning products will ensure your coffee machine is free form oily coffee residue and hard scale deposits that can build up over time. Our AKTIVO Kitchen Cleaning products are tough on stains and will leave your surfaces clean with a fresh fragrant scent without any harsh fumes. After cleaning, use our AKTIVO Stainless Steel Polish to ensure you surfaces have a super shine and are protected from dust, dirt and fingerprints.

Directions: Refer to packaging for instructions.

Additional Information

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